Gold- ‘Isaac Asimov’

The stories were definitely good. But, I think the 2nd and 3rd part are the best. A friend of mine said that it was Asimov thinking on paper, and that’s great. I learnt a lot from the two parts and I’m sure it will help anyone who reads SF and wants to write. Not only wannabe SF writers, I think any writer can learn a thing or two from Asimov.
The first story, Cal, was kinda shocking. It makes me sad that such a great writer as … (Bangladeshi) copied from Asimov. I’m soothing my mind by trying to believe that he did it unconsciously. From what I’ve read in Part 3 of this book, it’s not uncommon. Even Asimov himself found him plagiarising sometimes. The story that gives the book its title, Gold, was a great story. It’s one of those stories you read which makes you use your imagination. The written words directly translate into images in your head. Made me see Hamlet like never before, a thrilling experience. There’s even a moral to the story.
So, Gold was a great book. But, I can’t vouch for it ‘cuz I’m biased. I just love everything Asimov writes, so far.


Siddhartha- ‘Herman Hesse’

I’ve read this book twice. Why did I say that at the beginning? Because I’ve never read a book twice before! I don’t have to say that I loved it, do I? I won’t and I can’t say that Herman Hesse’s views on Nirvana, Life, etc. are perfect. But, when you read Siddhartha, when you really read it, you’ll see. I’ve found similar philosophical views among many other great writers. The exact things written in Siddhartha may not be true for you, but the idea, the concept, is baffling. I cannot explain it in words, it can only be felt. You have to break it down to bits, only then you’ll see the meaning. Just as Siddhartha says, wisdom cannot be passed on.
There are many things in the book which I didn’t like. But, nothing is perfect. I feel some kind of peace when I read this book. I may not be able to achieve Nirvana, but I’d love to be able to listen. To be able to listen like Vasudeva, Oh! There might be many things about Siddhartha (the character) which you won’t like. But, that makes him human. It was well thought out. All the faults of Siddhartha are there to remind you that he is a human.

Foundation and Earth- ‘Isaac Asimov’

I’ll start by saying, I can’t breathe. This book was simply, breathtaking. I must admit, I haven’t read a lot of sci-fi, but I have read a lot of other books. Even if I compare this book to other great novels, it definitely stands out. This sort of vivid narrative is rare. Almost every aspect of this book was amazing. When I started reading the Foundation series, I was baffled. After the second book, I thought, “Okay, that was very good so far. But now starts the boringness.” I thought the story would become boring after the second one. But, Asimov kept up the quality to the very last book! I can even say that the story got better with each book.

The fate of the galaxy, resting on one man’s choice. Golan Trevize handled it pretty smoothly. I can’t say anything about this book without spoilers. I highly recommend reading this book, so I won’t spoil it. Oh, as usual, there’s a sharp twist on the last page. I’ve noticed this in all Foundation novels, a twist on the last page. Maybe not twist, but it’s exciting.

Talking about twists, Asimov is a master with that. The way he handles the complicated plot and the twists is baffling. You know, there’s this string in your mind, which tightens with excitement. Reading these books will take that string to the breaking point. But the way he handles it is amazing.

If you’ve read the book, tell me about the last page 😉


Yeah, I said it and she kinda rejected. I thought this would be a lot more painful. But it isn’t! I’m somewhat relieved. I still talk to her and hope that one day, she’ll love me too. She has explained why she doesn’t wanna go into a relationship now. I understand and I think I shouldn’t rush. I said all of that too early. She barely knows me! I shouldn’t expect someone to believe everything I say and just fall in love in just 2 days.

Yeah, this was one of the reasons. She said not to hope for anything. That it was too early. The other reasons doesn’t matter to me. Family is not an issue, ‘cuz there’s nothing wrong with me or my family. If we do get into a relationship, I’ll eventually marry her and I believe her family won’t turn down the offer.

I’m totally serious about this love thingy. I still think I love her. But she needs time, she has had some bad experiences with relations. I’ll give her time, if it works out in the end, a few months is time I can afford. Because this is a matter of a lifetime. I don’t give a shit to what people say. I just believe in me and my feelings.


I’m still not sure what love is. Can anyone be sure? There’s probably no definition of love accepted by everyone. I’m feeling something for someone for the first time. I’m confused. WHAT IS THE THING I’M FEELING?

I met a girl recently, on Facebook. We are members of a bookie group. There was a book I wanted to get rid of, so I posted a selling ad in the group (price 0). Then, she said that she was 6 hours away from me and no chances of meeting me. But she’d love to have the book. I didn’t say anything then. I was contacting two other persons to sell the book. But, they were not replying (did contact me ultimately). So, I wrote a comment on ‘her’ post saying that I could send her the book if she wanted. She was like, “Oh, you’d do that for me!!!” I told her to add me and it all started there.

The initial conversation was all about the book. Then, at one point, she asked if we can be friends or just make it a business/transaction. I definitely wanted to be friends!
We talked that night, from 11 PM to 2 AM! Then it continued. We talked up to 3 AM last night. I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s on my mind almost all the time! We spilled a lot of beans about our life. We know almost all about each other’s past. I haven’t hit/asked her out/proposed (no idea which one fits here) yet. I will, soon. I’m anxious about what she’s gonna say. What will I do if she rejects?

Let’s be optimists and I’ll just believe that she won’t reject.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat- ‘Oliver Sacks’

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat was my first book about psychology (case study). Oliver Sacks is a genius. I read the book very slowly, had exams. But I was never bored. He did a great job of maintaining a flow. There were some ‘not so great‘ chapters, but the book was awesome overall.
This is the type of book beginners can read. A book which tells the tale of complex psychological/neurological disorders in an understandable language. Actually, not just understandable, but also enjoyable. There are some parts which will make you feel sad, some will make you laugh, others will get you to think. The last part, part four, according to my opinion was the best. I’m still thinking about JosĂ©. Autism was not something this serious before I read this. Now, I think I can somewhat feel these gifted children (I choose not to use autistic or retarded). They are capable of doing great things. But our society, we, isolate them. The artistic genius of JosĂ© and Nadia is great. Yet we never give them the opportunity to flourish. All they need is some support, a little love.
Fully understanding the neurological condition of these ‘clients’ (as Mr. Sacks says) is tough. I had to read the first few chapters a few times before I could grasp it fully. It’s at the same time amazing and really sad what our brain can do. This book will make you rethink about everything you take for granted. I am a big fan of my brain now. It might not be the best, but it’s doing a pretty good job of making me walk and talk!

My friend’s birthday

This is my second blog. I’m not regularly blogging yet. Thus, the delay. I’ll write about the last 3 days.

So, it was my friend’s birthday on 23rd April. He lives in Uttara, about 18 km from the place I live. I had Physics exam from 1-4 PM. Went to my friend’s place after that. He wasn’t home and Aunty(his mom) told me that he might be at the pool club. Bitch was there (he’s a guy, if you wanna know). Did I tell you that he had no idea I was coming? He was totally shocked, frozen at the spot. Then we walked around, came home. Some of our friends gave him a birthday gift. A carton full of Mango Milk.ezgif-3-61e63fa17d.gifWe talked a lot. He needed to buy a memory card for his phone, so we went to get one. Now, we both have a problem, we can’t take decisions. We were trying to decide where to eat, and just kept trying. Mahim (my friend’s name) said that Khanaz is a good place to eat. Then I said ok and we started for Khanaz. On the way I saw Red Chicken and decided to eat there. Then he told me about his new crush. He had super bad experience with the previous girlfriend, so was afraid. We talked about that. I never had any girlfriend, not even just friends (we’ll talk about that later). But, gave him good advice, I think. Then as usual, Mahim was nagging me to stay for the night. It started raining. So, didn’t leave. My mom wasn’t very happy about it.

Left the next day. I was supposed to go home, but I went to my cousin’s place. I just suddenly thought that I’d go there, and did it. This was 24th April. I stayed the night and returned home today, 25th April. My cousin, Sadab, had borrowed a book from me and lost it. So, he gave me 1000 tk. to buy some other books. I bought three books on my way home. Canterbury Tales, Siddhartha and Aparajito.

The most surprising thing was that mom wasn’t mad at me! I thought she’d shoot me or something. No, nothing, she didn’t even show some anger!

I’ll be writing a review of the book I’m gonna finish by tomorrow. Bye…

Shall we begin?

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit me. I’m just a kid, a teenager. Some will protest against that strongly. ‘Cuz I’m 18. Come on, I can be a kid and a 18-year-old at the same time.

I welcomed you to my blog, but I should’ve welcomed you to my life. I’m gonna make this blog kinda like my diary. There will be fun stuff, and also sad stuff. I’ll try my best to give you fun and also some information. I read ‘a lot of’ books(comparatively speaking). So, I’ll be posting book reviews. Many of them are going to be full of emotion. I’m sentimental guy, a lot of emotions. I’ll also post movie reviews, which will probably be inconsistent with other reviews on the internet. You know, my emotional thingy. You’ll find the other things from time to time. Everything that I learn and think are interesting.

This was the very beginning of my blog. I’ll be writing regularly from now on. I know that you are reading this a long time after it was published. So, you know by now what I write here. Which you consider interesting or fun. Thanks. Keep reading.