Shall we begin?

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit me. I’m just a kid, a teenager. Some will protest against that strongly. ‘Cuz I’m 18. Come on, I can be a kid and a 18-year-old at the same time.

I welcomed you to my blog, but I should’ve welcomed you to my life. I’m gonna make this blog kinda like my diary. There will be fun stuff, and also sad stuff. I’ll try my best to give you fun and also some information. I read ‘a lot of’ books(comparatively speaking). So, I’ll be posting book reviews. Many of them are going to be full of emotion. I’m sentimental guy, a lot of emotions. I’ll also post movie reviews, which will probably be inconsistent with other reviews on the internet. You know, my emotional thingy. You’ll find the other things from time to time. Everything that I learn and think are interesting.

This was the very beginning of my blog. I’ll be writing regularly from now on. I know that you are reading this a long time after it was published. So, you know by now what I write here. Which you consider interesting or fun. Thanks. Keep reading.


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