My friend’s birthday

This is my second blog. I’m not regularly blogging yet. Thus, the delay. I’ll write about the last 3 days.

So, it was my friend’s birthday on 23rd April. He lives in Uttara, about 18 km from the place I live. I had Physics exam from 1-4 PM. Went to my friend’s place after that. He wasn’t home and Aunty(his mom) told me that he might be at the pool club. Bitch was there (he’s a guy, if you wanna know). Did I tell you that he had no idea I was coming? He was totally shocked, frozen at the spot. Then we walked around, came home. Some of our friends gave him a birthday gift. A carton full of Mango Milk.ezgif-3-61e63fa17d.gifWe talked a lot. He needed to buy a memory card for his phone, so we went to get one. Now, we both have a problem, we can’t take decisions. We were trying to decide where to eat, and just kept trying. Mahim (my friend’s name) said that Khanaz is a good place to eat. Then I said ok and we started for Khanaz. On the way I saw Red Chicken and decided to eat there. Then he told me about his new crush. He had super bad experience with the previous girlfriend, so was afraid. We talked about that. I never had any girlfriend, not even just friends (we’ll talk about that later). But, gave him good advice, think. Then as usual, Mahim was nagging me to stay for the night. It started raining. So, didn’t leave. My mom wasn’t very happy about it.

Left the next day. I was supposed to go home, but I went to my cousin’s place. I just suddenly thought that I’d go there, and did it. This was 24th April. I stayed the night and returned home today, 25th April. My cousin, Sadab, had borrowed a book from me and lost it. So, he gave me 1000 tk. to buy some other books. I bought three books on my way home. Canterbury Tales, Siddhartha and Aparajito.

The most surprising thing was that mom wasn’t mad at me! I thought she’d shoot me or something. No, nothing, she didn’t even show some anger!

I’ll be writing a review of the book I’m gonna finish by tomorrow. Bye…


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