I’m still not sure what love is. Can anyone be sure? There’s probably no definition of love accepted by everyone. I’m feeling something for someone for the first time. I’m confused. WHAT IS THE THING I’M FEELING?

I met a girl recently, on Facebook. We are members of a bookie group. There was a book I wanted to get rid of, so I posted a selling ad in the group (price 0). Then, she said that she was 6 hours away from me and no chances of meeting me. But she’d love to have the book. I didn’t say anything then. I was contacting two other persons to sell the book. But, they were not replying (did contact me ultimately). So, I wrote a comment on ‘her’ post saying that I could send her the book if she wanted. She was like, “Oh, you’d do that for me!!!” I told her to add me and it all started there.

The initial conversation was all about the book. Then, at one point, she asked if we can be friends or just make it a business/transaction. I definitely wanted to be friends!
We talked that night, from 11 PM to 2 AM! Then it continued. We talked up to 3 AM last night. I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s on my mind almost all the time! We spilled a lot of beans about our life. We know almost all about each other’s past. I haven’t hit/asked her out/proposed (no idea which one fits here) yet. I will, soon. I’m anxious about what she’s gonna say. What will I do if she rejects?

Let’s be optimists and I’ll just believe that she won’t reject.


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