Yeah, I said it and she kinda rejected. I thought this would be a lot more painful. But it isn’t! I’m somewhat relieved. I still talk to her and hope that one day, she’ll love me too. She has explained why she doesn’t wanna go into a relationship now. I understand and I think I shouldn’t rush. I said all of that too early. She barely knows me! I shouldn’t expect someone to believe everything I say and just fall in love in just 2 days.

Yeah, this was one of the reasons. She said not to hope for anything. That it was too early. The other reasons doesn’t matter to me. Family is not an issue, ‘cuz there’s nothing wrong with me or my family. If we do get into a relationship, I’ll eventually marry her and I believe her family won’t turn down the offer.

I’m totally serious about this love thingy. I still think I love her. But she needs time, she has had some bad experiences with relations. I’ll give her time, if it works out in the end, a few months is time I can afford. Because this is a matter of a lifetime. I don’t give a shit to what people say. I just believe in me and my feelings.


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