Siddhartha- ‘Herman Hesse’

I’ve read this book twice. Why did I say that at the beginning? Because I’ve never read a book twice before! I don’t have to say that I loved it, do I? I won’t and I can’t say that Herman Hesse’s views on Nirvana, Life, etc. are perfect. But, when you read Siddhartha, when you really read it, you’ll see. I’ve found similar philosophical views among many other great writers. The exact things written in Siddhartha may not be true for you, but the idea, the concept, is baffling. I cannot explain it in words, it can only be felt. You have to break it down to bits, only then you’ll see the meaning. Just as Siddhartha says, wisdom cannot be passed on.
There are many things in the book which I didn’t like. But, nothing is perfect. I feel some kind of peace when I read this book. I may not be able to achieve Nirvana, but I’d love to be able to listen. To be able to listen like Vasudeva, Oh! There might be many things about Siddhartha (the character) which you won’t like. But, that makes him human. It was well thought out. All the faults of Siddhartha are there to remind you that he is a human.


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