Gold- ‘Isaac Asimov’

The stories were definitely good. But, I think the 2nd and 3rd part are the best. A friend of mine said that it was Asimov thinking on paper, and that’s great. I learnt a lot from the two parts and I’m sure it will help anyone who reads SF and wants to write. Not only wannabe SF writers, I think any writer can learn a thing or two from Asimov.
The first story, Cal, was kinda shocking. It makes me sad that such a great writer as … (Bangladeshi) copied from Asimov. I’m soothing my mind by trying to believe that he did it unconsciously. From what I’ve read in Part 3 of this book, it’s not uncommon. Even Asimov himself found him plagiarising sometimes. The story that gives the book its title, Gold, was a great story. It’s one of those stories you read which makes you use your imagination. The written words directly translate into images in your head. Made me see Hamlet like never before, a thrilling experience. There’s even a moral to the story.
So, Gold was a great book. But, I can’t vouch for it ‘cuz I’m biased. I just love everything Asimov writes, so far.


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